About Us

Come fly with us

Come fly with us

Karmyogi Solutions offers customized outsourcing solutions to help you succeed more.

Karmyogi Solutions aims to improve quality and efficiency of work, world wide.

It aims to do this by offering globally, quality fulfillment solutions that meet diverse client specific needs.

Karmyogi Solutions offerings help you leverage our years of experience delivering results for our clients.

It is led by Dhirendra Tripathi who has over 35 years experience in operations, sales and marketing functions. Last 25 of these have been as a net based entrepreneur.

Dhirendra Tripathi
His interests are poetry, Indian Kavyashastra (Poetics) principles, sports and contemplating epistemology methods using which an understanding is sought to be developed.

Dhirendra is an I.I.T. Kanpur alumnus.

He is also a part of www.ikan.org.in which is an initiative of IIT Kanpur alumni to help entities become world leaders through innovative technologies that have a noble intent.

Dhirendra is a founder member of SEFI (Structural Engineering Forum of India).

Dhirendra is the founder of Saarthakam Kshetram Foundation a non-profit initiative for building online tools for Indian languages.