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Category : Information Research & Collation


Client : A top-tier US head quartered business consultancy firm.

Client need : To get detailed info on the supply chain ecosystem of an Asian region, with specific recommendations regarding major players.

Our solution : We collected information available on the internet and prepared reports that gave information and insight. We established contact with players in the industry, visited the region and had conversations. The exercise culminated in a detailed report covering all aspects of the ecosystem. We also submitted a log book that detailed our day to day activities. This contained a lot of raw information and served to give the client insights into how we worked on the assignment.

Client benefit : The client got a comprehensive report which was tailor made to meet their requirements. The logbook gave the client a real sense of the issues including peripheral ones. This brought the client very close to having done the assignment in house. The client could maintain confidentiality of their interests.


Client : A top-tier India and US based VC firm.

Client need : To keep all the VC partners and company executives informed of news from the internet, print media and Television.

Our solution : We put together a team to daily go through several publications, visit relevant web sites, watch relevant TV programs and prepare an in-house newsletter. The team also did research regularly to add more information sources. The information had a summary at the top that made tracking of deals easy. The rest of the information was presented in small but informative snippets with a link to where more details could be got.

Client benefit : The client was delighted with the effort. Very precious time of senior persons was saved as they got information diligently searched and elegantly presented. The information gathering was kept very objective and alteration free ensuring no bias crept in. Karmyogi Solutions has been preparing the in house newsletter for more than a year now.


Client : A renowned business consultant for high tech manufacturing industry based in Bay Area, California.

Client need : To get select financial data from online sources. The data had to be selectively chosen and then entered into a spread sheet. The spread sheet was to be processed to generate ratios and graphs. The graphs were then to be added to the final report.

Our solution : In co-ordination with the client we quickly trained persons to select the data correctly. Thereafter we faithfully gathered the data and updated and processed the spread sheet. We met all deadlines comfortably and the client enjoyed a smooth delightful experience.

Client benefit : The work we were asked to do us central to preparing the report. Though the task was judgmental and laborious it was critical that we had the highest accuracy levels. Earlier the client had to do it in house and it took up a lot of time of precious in house resources. The client realized our accuracy levels met or exceeded the in house ones. The client could then release the in house resources for other important work. The client could also increase the scope of the data collection now that a quality efficient solution was in place. We have done this assignment for the last three years.


Category : Back Office & Administrative Support


Client : An Indian telecom major.

Client need : To get legal agreements signed by 4000 rural public call office owners. To inform the owners of when the service would go national. To ascertain installation was at the correct premises. To get it all done in a small budget.

Our solution : This was a complex logistics task. Some of the villages were not even on the map ! We put together a team of diligent young persons ready for the challenge. We trained them and sent them to nearby villages to verify they were ready to go. The entire lot of 4000 villages was mapped onto routes, routes were assigned and the team got out and covered the entire Indian state of Gujarat. The required assessments were made and information on the service launch disseminated. All agreements were verified on receipt and submitted to the client. The client received regular updates.

Client benefit : This was a classic example of Karmyogi Solution taking on a seemingly humongous task and delivering a smooth reliable efficient solution. The client was delighted that what seemed impossible to achieve in a small amount of time and in a small budget was done without a hitch by Karmyogi Solutions. Getting the agreements signed was crucial to the service roll out and thanks to Karmyogi Solutions the job got done well in time.


Client : A fitness consultant based in Bay Area, California.

Client need : To get online pages formatted into a new template. To do it in an error free manner, quickly and efficiently.

Our solution : This is a good example of how a small task that can take up a business owner’s precious time can be easily sent across to Karmyogi Solutions and got done. We understood the task in minutes and did the task swiftly in a few hours. For a trifling cost and minimal effort on the client’s part to explain the work.

Client benefit : The client had got fulfillment done by Karmyogi Solutions in the past and knew Karmyogi Solutions could be depended upon to do this easily. For a very small expense and just a brief email to explain the task the consultant saved more than a day’s time.


Category : Information Processing


Client : A major portal serving as a global marketplace for software related and other assignments.

Client need : To migrate data from document style resumes into a searchable database.

Our solution : In co-ordination with the client we quickly trained persons to understand the judgmental aspects of migrating the data. At the beginning we set up simple escalation procedures so that the team could clarify issues that came up. Soon the need to clarify was over and team consistently delivered high accuracy high efficiency work. The solution was scalable and after the initial backlog was cleared the assignment continued on an as needed basis.

Client benefit :The portal site was enjoying great success and it was vital that the success was managed well. Karmyogi Solutions ensured they could handle high number of persons signing up at the portal with ease. The high quality and timeliness of our work meant that the client not only got great accuracy but also peace of mind.


Category : Representational Services


Client : A top-tier US head quartered business consultancy firm.

Client need : To evaluate and procure credit reports on companies of interest from a European credit reports service provider.

Our solution : We interacted with the European company and obtained information on reports available on companies of interest. Where fresh information was available we procured reports immediately. Where information was not fresh we commissioned new reports. The client was kept informed all along ensuring they got exactly what they wanted.

Client benefit : The client saved precious in house resources. The client got the work done just as it would have been done in house by them. The client could maintain confidentiality of their interests.