Be Better Informed – It is Always Useful

We have been in the age of information for a few decades now. And it looks like we will be here for a while. Being better informed and accessing knowledge is important to meeting with success.

And over the years the internet has emerged as a vast, easy to access and increasingly reliable source of information. We need to leave fewer and fewer things to pure guess work even if we have a little amount of time to spare. And if we are making a well considered decision there too additional inputs can be quite useful.

Getting the right information though has its challenges. On the one hand you have to cope with information overload and on the other there is a paucity of quality reliable information.

For a skilled and experienced person though, these challenges are not impossible to overcome. In fact they can be quite efficient even as they are thorough in collating relevant information. Karmyogi Solutions offers you custom solutions for information research and collation that will delight you. And give you the edge that only depth of knowledge can give.


How to Choose an Outsourcing Solution

A reliable outsourcing partner is a key strategic asset.

Your need is specific to your business context.

You will need planning and implementation that will dovetail with your operations, while delivering superior quality output. You need a great outsourcing solution.

So what are the stand out attributes of a great outsourcing solution ?

Here is a checklist :

1. Great outsourcing solutions are driven by knowledge. The service provider should have deep knowledge and experience of designing and implementing solutions that deliver upon client goals.

2. They are delivered by a quality team. Look for a service provider with a diligent, motivated, alert and a capable team.

3. They lead to significant cost savings. Your solution should deliver high productivity at a low cost giving your business a decisive edge.

4. They lead to significant quality improvement. Outsourcing should not require you to compromise on quality of work. In fact, high quality, exceeding in house capabilities should be the objective.

5. They lead to significant improvement in on time performance. The service provider should ensure there are enough spare resources to meet deadlines comfortably at all times. The aim should also be to manage spurts in the quantum of work.

6. They are based on trustworthiness. The outsourcing service provider should have and honest, straightforward client oriented approach which gives top priority to client interests is very important.

7. They are a result of a great work culture. A professional quality oriented approach couched in courteous and friendly interaction makes for a great work culture.

8. They are very flexible. Solutions should be customizable as context changes with time. So you have a solution that stays optimum. And you can respond to your business variations effectively.

9. They are backed by a strong reputation. A strong client list is a great indicator that the service provider is very good.

10. Finally great outsourcing solutions have the service providers total commitment. Best service providers will have an all that it takes approach. They should believe their work is not done till the clients work is done.